Do you only have yourself?

I had this thought when I came home from work today – do you have just ONE person whom you can really, truly, fully fall back to?

Or, do you only have yourself?

Honestly, I am not sure if I have one person whom I can fully rely on, whom I can really entrust my life to, whom I know is able to support me if I fall down so low. But I don’t know if that’s because I “really” don’t have such a person in my life OR if it’s just my nature that have high benchmarks to meet (read: it’s just me).

And what got me thinking is really when I come across people who can feel truly comfortable to say “luckily I have my parents to fall back to”… or “luckily I have my husband to fall back to”… or “luckily I have my siblings to fall back to” because I never quite felt that way. They’re amazing people in my life but I never felt like I can be okay to try out something totally new with vague successful outcomes or feel like it’s okay to fail in something because I have this or that person to support me.

So the big question is: is that a sad thing? Is that a sad life to have? Or a depressing sort of thinking?

Should we be able to depend on another being?

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